The Storm Coaster enters Guinness World Records

Construction Week Online

The Storm Coaster, located in the Dubai Hills mall, has been officially awarded a Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest vertical launch.

The first-of-its kind indoor rollercoaster sees riders hurtling up to a top speed of 77kmph, 50 metres high. From here gravity takes over as the car winds back down the 670-metre track, taking in loops of the circular building, including a literal hair-raising ride upside down as it descends.

Another distinguishing feature of The Storm is that unlike other indoor rollercoasters, the rollercoaster and building are integrated into one structure. This is made possible thanks to the solution provided by lead design consultants, Cundall, to manage many unique geometric challenges that are not seen in regular construction.

Richard Stratton, partner and managing director, Cundall MENA, commented “We are absolutely thrilled to see The Storm receive global recognition with this Guinness World Record. Our team loved working on this project, pushing the boundaries of engineering design and what can be achieved.

“Seeing this award-winning project being showcased on an international stage is a real testament to the passion and creativity that went into it.”

The kudos goes to the whole project team including Intamin, Thinkwell, JLL MENA, and ALEC for the close collaboration witnessed to make the structure a success.

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